Getting Your Art Noticed

If you are an artist, you are most likely very proud of the unique pieces you have created. Most artists like to share their work with the public, gaining recognition as a result. If you are just beginning to get your artwork into the public eye, and you want to increase how many people see your pieces, you will need to be diligent in your efforts to market yourself and your work. Here are a few ways you can get your artwork the attention it deserves.

Create A Blog

Blogging is a sure-fire way to get your work noticed by people you would not normally come in contact with in everyday situations. Making a blog and keeping on top of your posts will attract attention from people all over the globe. Start by uploading a few photos of your artwork to your page with a description about what they mean to you. Make sure you respond to comments and update promptly to keep people coming back to view more.

Donate A Piece

If you wish for local people to see your work, consider donating one of your pieces to a local business. They will most likely be glad to hang your piece from their wall so customers can enjoy it while visiting their establishment. Give the business your name and phone number in case someone inquires about your artwork so you can possibly make a sale or expand the viewing by donating another piece to those who enjoy your work. Donating a piece to a local art gallery is another way to catch the eye of people who enjoy art.

Enroll In Contest

Sign up a few of your favorite pieces for art competitions through galleries or online. You will get a lot of exposure from others who have entered, as well as from people judging the work they receive. If your art wins, you will gain even more exposure.

Give Some Time

Start an adult education art class at a local school to teach others the fundamentals of using the medium you use for your work. This is a great way to get others excited about starting their own projects, and you will be able to share yours with them as well. Another idea is to give a free class through a local art shop. The company will gain sales of the materials you use in the projects you teach about, and you may be able to showcase some of your pieces within the shop so customers will be inspired to make their own pieces or purchase one of yours. For more information, contact a shop like Gallery Phillip.