Beyond The Picture: 4 Facts About P. Buckley Moss That Influenced Her Work

Art is complex in that the beauty of the painting or image is only partly linked to what is seen on the canvas. The story behind the piece or artist is often just as alluring or intriguing. There is no exception to this idea when it comes to the art collection of P. Buckley Moss. Learn more about why this artist's story makes her pieces so unique and beautiful.

1. Challenges Birthed Beautiful Art

As a child, she was diagnosed with a learning disability. Rather than succumb to any perceived limitations, she chose to use art as a tool of expression and a way to overcome any limits set on her by others. As she continued to focus her attention on art, she grew more confident because while she struggled academically, art was something she was good at and could conquer with relative ease. 

2. Children and Family Are Important

P. Buckley Moss is an artist that has chosen to view life through a more positive lens. Rather than reflect pain in her artwork, she has chosen to showcase the importance of children and family in her pieces. As a mother and grandmother, even in her younger years, she used her art as a way to spread her love for her family and children, which makes her pieces enjoyable for people of all ages. 

3. A Colorful Upbringing Lead to Colorful Art

She has had the privilege of spending time in different parts of the world. Over the years, she spent some of her time in the United States and some of her time in the country of Panama. The vibrant and rich landscape of Panama made its way into her art. Many of her pieces infuse the crisp and colorful palette of this tropical oasis, making her art pop from the canvas and grab your attention. 

4. Led by Passion and Purpose

This artist has a greater focus than just producing awesome pieces. She also has a passion for ensuring the students in future generators also have the same love for and access to art that she did. As the founder of a foundation that aims to promote art curriculum in schools, she has made spreading the gift of art to everyone a passion and a purpose. 

The next time you look at a piece of art, look beyond what you see. Discover some of the beauty behind the piece or artist for a more rewarding experience.

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