4 Things You Need To Know About Commission Artwork

Sometimes, you have a vision of the artwork that you want for your home, but you may not have the ability to make that artwork. If you know what you want, instead of searching in vain for something that matches your vision, you can hire an artist to make a commissioned piece of artwork. A commissioned piece of artwork is one where you let the artist know what you want, and the artist' works to create something that fits your vision and their abilities.

#1: Reaching Out to An Artist

When you find an artist whose work you like, you are going to need to reach out to them. You may be able to reach out to the artist through a contact form they have on their website. Or you may be able to get in contact with the artist through a gallery where their work is shown.

When you contact the artist, be sure to get personal. Let the artist know specifically why you want to work with them. Let the artist know what you like about their artwork and style and why you think they are the perfect person to work on your idea. You want to flatter the artist and fully explain why you want to work with them and not someone else.

As you reach out, be sure to ask about their pricing, timeline, and medium.

#2: Provide Details About the Request

Second, you need to make sure that you provide details about your request. Let the artist know what type of materials you envision the artwork will be made from. If you have pictures that you can use to help describe what you are looking for, bring copies for the artist.

If you have some sketches of your idea, provide them as well. Try to give the artist as much information as possible about what you want; this will help the artist decide if they want to go forward with the project.

#3: Let the Artist Know How Much Flexibility They Have

When someone commissions a piece of artwork, they may only have a vague idea of what they want, or they may have a very specific idea.

Be sure to let the artist know how strictly you want them to stick to your idea and how much freedom you are giving them to interrupt your idea and put their own spin on it. If you really like the artist's work, you may want to let them have more freedom with the idea.

#4: Set Up a Contract

If the artist agrees to the commission, you need to set up a contract. Don't assume that price and timeline will work themselves out on their own. Work to set up a formal agreement so that you and the artist are on the same page as to what you will pay and how long the creative process will be for the work.

If you have a vision of a painting you want created, you can find an artist who accepts custom painting commissions to create the artwork for you. Be sure to share why you want to work with that artist and the details of your project. If the artist agrees to the commission, always set up a contract.